MG003-L-EU Indoor

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1 Description

The MG003-L-EU is a pico-gateway dedicated to long-range indoor communication for low power wireless devices operating on ISM 868Mhz unlicensed band. With interferers’ robustness and low power consumption, it is a good solution for autonomous gateway. It is suitable for private LORA network deployment.
This gateway implements LoRa & FSK modulations and is compliant with LoRa WAN 1.0.2 EU Class A & C protocol.


1.1 Features

Size 75mm x 75mm x 25mm
LoRa™ / FSK
Maximum output power +26 dBm
Good building penetration
LoRa WAN 1.0.2 EU Class A & C protocol
8 channels solution
External antenna provided (Gain=2dBi)
Supply with 5V/0,5A from micro-USB cable
Communication through Ethernet interface
Management of few hundred devices
2 modes
packet fowarder or LoRaWan Server class A & C
Java application software provided for gateway configuration and implementation
For European market
Fw Update by network

1.2 Applications

Private LORA network
Automated Meter Reading
Home and Building Automation
Industrial Monitoring and Control
IoT (Internet of Things)
Smart Cities

1.3 Tools

Nemeus Java Gateway Application Used to manage the gateway via Network interface

2 Gateway I/O and mechanical description

The gateway Identification is provided on a label on the gateway bottom. Information format is as follow :

 REF : mg003-l-eu
 id : aabbccddeeff
 hw : X yyyy zzz

From those information, we have

  • Mac adress : aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
  • Default host name: Nemeus-gw-aabbccddeeff