MM002 Configuration Tool Java

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1 Prerequisite

Nemeus Java application to control the MM002 requests that the JAVA Runtime Evaluation 8 kit is installed onto the computer. This one can be found on )

2 Installation / Execution

Nemeus JAVA Application is made of only one file : o_NemeusATKvx.yy.jar. This one can be put in any folder.To execute the JAVA application, the following command must be executed in a Command DOS windows in the folder in which the file is available.

Nemeus Java Application Used to manage the module via Serial interface

java -jar o_NemeusATKvx.yy.jar

3 Logs

During execution, the JAVA application records information in a log file which is created in same folder of the .jar file at the time this one is started. The generated log file stays the same during all the JAVa application execution. The file format is log-mm00X-<xxxxx> where xxxx corresponds to the date and time of the JAVA application start