MM002-xx-EU Personalization

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The module MM002 is pesonalized as follows:

1 LoRaWAN™ ABP personalization

  • Device address can be read with AT+MAC=RDEVADDR can be modified with AT+MAC=SDEVADDR,<devaddr> (new value is persistent, it is saved in file system)
  • Network security key can be read with AT+MAC=RNSKEY it is read only
  • Application security key can be read with AT+MAC=RAPPSKEY it is read only

Before reading the ABP security keys you must send AT+MAC=ON,,A,0 to switch the module in ABP mode

If you modify the device address you must perform MAC OFF and MAC ON to take into account the new device address (you can also reset the module):





2 LoRaWAN™ OTAA personalization

  • Device EUI can be read with AT+MAC=RDEVUID it is read only
  • Application key can be read with AT+MAC=RAPPKEY can be modified with AT+MAC=SAPPKEY,<AppKey>
  • Application EUI can be read with AT+MAC=RAPPUID can be modified with AT+MAC=SAPPUID,<AppEUI>

If you modify the AppKey and/or the AppEUI you must perform MAC OFF and MAC ON to take into account the new values.

To trigger the join procedure in OTAA mode, you must send AT+MAC=ON,,A,1

Then you can send AT+MAC=? to check that MAC is ON

When the join procedure is finished you will receive the following unsolicited AT response:

+MAC: RDEVADDR,<devAddr>,<NwkId>

You can also poll the module with AT+MAC=RDEVADDR until the device address is not null.

3 SigFox™ Personalization

To get SigFox Activation information you can send the following command

AT+SF= ?

+SF: OFF,NMS-SFX-LIB-1.2,UDL1-1.6.0,xxxxxxxx,yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,1

The response indicate:

  • xxxxxxxx => ID sigfox
  • yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy => PAC ID

Warning: PAC ID given by the command is only valid for First Activation. If the device has already been activated in the past you should get the new PAC which is available from SigFox Backend linked to the previous activation.

4 SigFox™ Activation (Platinium Evaluation Kit)

The activation of Platinium Evaluation Kit (MK002-LS-EU, SIS_LS_EU, ...) can be done directly through SigFox Backend

5 Get personalization Information

As much as possible identifier should be read from module; Nemeus Product may have also simple and full Qrcode

Simple Qr code Contains only Nemeus Identification

Simple Qr code

Full Qr code contains information for OTAA activation (defaul APPUID=70B3D53260000100) and Sigfox Activation

Full Qr code

Information are decoded like this:


6 Personalization Files

Following files could also be requested on volumes (check with your ressellers)

Nemeus Yaml File

 :dev_uid: 70B3D532xxxxxxxx
 :app_uid: 70B3D532yyyyyyyy
 :dev_addr: 'AAAAAAAA'
 :nwk_skey: 6F49D79EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA52E59DD5
 :app_skey: 611B8E7AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4120E4A1
 :sfx_id: 00xxxxxx


 :dev_uid: 70B3D532xxxxxxxx
 :app_uid: 70B3D532yyyyyyyy
 :dev_addr: 'AAAAAAAA'
 :nwk_skey: 156AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC25EE31C8F54
 :app_skey: 544AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA7069E3FB7B708
 :sfx_id: 00xxxxxx

Nemeus CSV file