MM002-L-EU SW Versions

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1 master16W18

1.1 master16W18_08


  • improve boot time
  • modify/remove some traces
  • sliding duty cycle implemented
  • RF:
    • add preamble length to RFRX parameters
    • use RFRX fixed_len parameter to set the Rx payload length
  • LoRaWAN
    • set backoff according to adr when backoff AT parameter is absent
    • process new channel request before Link ADR request to apply new datarate with new channels
    • detect channel mask error in LADRRequest only when all enabled channels are not compatible (Objenious requirement)
    • add management of downlink channel for RxW1 (V1.0.2)
    • ensure that dr-backoff or datarate modification doesn't mute the device
    • make retransmission backoff procedure independent of ADR bit

1.2 master16W18_07


  • stop command parsing when unknown command is detected
  • decode aggregated duty-cycle from 4 LSbits of the command

1.3 master16W18_06


  • Radio offset is configurable via AT+RF=RPER/SPER commands

  • Add battery level parameter in AT+MAC=RVAR/SVAR

  • Add AT+RFRX=RCS command to read RSSI when RF is in continuous RX mode

1.4 master16W18_05


  • downlink message is class A type when received in Rxw1 or Rxw2 (Rxw2 case was not detected)

1.5 master16W18_04


  •  Fix persistent RXTimingSetupAns response type

1.6 master16W18_03


  • Unsollicited +MAC:RDEVADDR was not always sent

1.7 master16W18_02


  • Deprecated AT command could impact next AT command
  • First downlink frame with FCnt=0 has invalid MIC
  • Downlink frame is pushed 2 times on UART when FPending bit is set and piggyback is enabled
  • APPSKEY and NSKEY are uncorrectly read on boot when MAC is OFF
  • Ciphering might be disabled for port 0

1.8 master16W18_01


  • Orange
  • Objenious(Bouygues)
  • Actility